Friday, November 25, 2016

Lesson Video

Well...darn...I've been a super lazy blogger.... So much has happened over Spring, Summer, Fall 2016 and all positive things. Max has been getting stronger and more confident over the past year with all the trail rides, lessons and paces we've participated in.

At some point I have to do a post with pictures and videos to recap the year but for now, here is a video of the lesson we had this afternoon. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Putting my foot down.

Here's a summarized recap of the week!

Monday: Worked on transitions then did some drill work with another rider there. We did a simon says thing for a while, then worked on side-by-side trot work, and then canter circles. It really helped Max stay focused!

Tuesday: Didn't do too much - Max felt a little sluggish and would pin his ears during canter transitions. I decided to keep things easy and give him the next two days off.

Friday: Max felt much better and ready to work! We rode alone in the indoor and he stayed focused. Still some pinning at the canter depart but after some warming up he seemed more comfortable.

Saturday: Went out on a long ride with someone I've never ridden with before. Her horse was pretty skittish, and is not too fond of other horses so we kept our distance. We explored some new trails, crossed over a bridge and traveled about 5 miles! Insane! At the end of the ride though, Max took off with me up a hill bucking!! I grabbed on to the strap and held on and he calmed down quickly.  I took him  into the indoor for a little bit more schooling. No naughty stuff!! When I had his brain back we ended the ride and he got lots and lots of treats!

Sunday: Another beautiful day so I did some short warm up in the indoor and decided to head up the hills. Well Max wasn't going to have it! I decided to put my foot down and have him trot, or even run up the hill...just no backing up and turning and all that nonsense. Well after a few refusals we trotted all the way up and we kept going till we go to the upper hills! Did some galloping around, then crossed a bridge (some more of that pushing with the forward as he had a few refusals), then back down to the barn, across yet Another bridge (a longer refusal this time- but we made it across!!)  - up the road, then back down and across a stream where he just plopped right through and walked up the steep hill very calmly!

He was sooo sweaty after the ride so I gave him a hose-down while he steamed it all off. Then some hand-grazing in the sun while he dried before putting him back in his field where he rolled twice!  Here's a video!