Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY: Crochet fly bonnet

This is a crochet bonnet I've been working on for Max in his official color - turquoise! :)

I chose a lovely yarn with sparkles woven in it, and some matching beads to weave into the finished bonnet. The pattern I used had to be modified a couple of times because Max has a smaller sized head (more cob than horse), but his ears are a regular horse ear length! It took a few fittings but it's finally done and it fits great!!

Early stage without the decorative front

The front is done, ears still wip

At this point I had crocheted and re-crocheted those darn ears so many times I wanted to pull my hair out! So I gave up and bought some turquoise linen. It was a good decision - easier, faster and it looks better!

Tah dah! All done!

And on the model himself....what does he think?



  1. nice job! one day i *will* learn how to crochet... until then i will just sit in awe of those of you who can :)

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you will be able to pick it up in a day. Beware's addictive 0.0

  2. That looks really good! Love the way you decorated the front.

    1. Thank you!! I tend to add too many front decor so I tried to hold back on this one..although I may add some additional trim!