Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From snow to rain.

What could be worse than snow? Melting snow, and rain! At least it was warm enough for me to only wear three layers tonight as opposed to my usual five!

Max was an angel tonight. The pitter-pattering of rain on the arena roof didn't seem to phase him. We started with a short lunge in side reigns which he was super at. After that I hopped on and went straight into trot canter transitions. He had some hesitation moving forward going right so I really had to encourage him with my seat. Whew it was quite a workout. We were both sweaty by the end of the ride!

Part of the arena was flooded so I took it as an opportunity to see how he'd do with big puddles of water. He was hesitant at first, dipping his nose into the puddle and blowing. (Soooo cute). When he was convinced it wasn't going to suck him up he plodded through like a champ. It got his Cavallos all muddy though ! >.< pics tonight. Everything was just so muddy and icky I couldn't do that to my fairly new phone.

Also, Max had rolled in a disgusting mix of poo and pee and I gave him a big hug without realizing it. Even after a vigorous scrubbing in the shower I still smell faintly of horse urine. My poor poor husband!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Keeping up with the forward.

Yay! It's a balmy forty degrees plus today! And the clocks change! The birds are singing, children are outside playing and laughing, horses manes are being's just glorious!

Now that Max is back in work mode, our homework has been to keep up with the forward. I still start my rides out with a quick lunge to help him work out any stiffness.

Yesterday we had a blast galloping around the arena and cantering over poles. We even jumped one! He definitely seems happier to go fast. So looking forward to seeing how he does in a hunter pace!

Today I had a lesson with J and it was another fabulous ride. She noted that my left elbow moves forward too much when asking for a canter to the right and if I hold it steady I'd see an improvement in our canter depart. And true enough he went straight into a canter without any rushy steps. Oh and did I mention the snow and ice came crashing down like train wrecks, left right and center? Max didn't even flinch at the very end when another horse spooked. He took a few trot steps forward but came back. Such a good boy!

Looking forward to another warm week ahead!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Max is back! I think.

I know I keep going on and on with the excuses for not blogging as often. But seriously. TWO frozen busted pipes in ONE week..flooding in the bathroom, flooding in the office. Damaged ceiling and floor...I mean..really winter..go away already!!! that I've gotten that out, we can talk about the fun horsey stuff!

I showed the same video I shared on this blog to J and she diagnosed it as him feeling stuck and not moving forward, plus a combination of the cold and the fact that pretty much every horse was feeling fresh at the barn that week.

So I signed Max up for two training sessions a week with her, and a lesson for me every weekend for two weeks. Then back to a more regular once-a-week lesson schedule. I may have her hop on him once a week as well, if the budget allows it.

Real exercise? Me? Bleaahh!

Our first lesson was lunging on side reigns. This really helped me move him forward and get his kinks out without actually being on his back. And I swear, after our first session I was GLAD I was not on his back while we worked out the kinks. The side reigns helped encourage him to keep his neck straight so he could get into a more correct position when moving forward.

After that I hopped on and he was spectacular. Forward, quiet, willing. What a difference!

All sweaty and happy from a successful lesson.

Today, two training sessions and two lessons later, it feels like he is pretty much back to working mode. Winter break is over Max! Time to get ready for the fun busy warm months ahead!! Oh! And if everything works out our very first spring outing will be May 2nd at a communal trail ride organized by the Horse guard. AND our very first schooling show will be at our barn on May 3rd! We will probably do something like Intro B and Training Level 1 or 2. So very excited!

Maybe he'll get to wear this new brow band with some added bling. Stay tuned for that!

Mmmm Camera is derishus!