Sunday, July 12, 2015

Second Dressage show!

Max and I had our second dressage show this weekend and he absolutely rocked it! We took on Training Level 1 and Training level 2 bringing in scores around 65% which was fantastic! Today we participated in a clinic given by the judge of our show yesterday and it was such a fun experience. She was so impressed with Max and commented on how he puts all his heart into working for me. I already knew that, but it was nice to hear a riding professional say it ^.^

Of course there were quite a few areas that really need some work - like how he has disobedient moments. Luckily he didn't try to create any patterns of his own this time, but he did have some looky moments. I'm just happy it never escalated more than that! As for my position she pointed out I had a lot of tension in my shoulders and arms. The curse of working a desk job!

We also have to work on keeping him more relaxed and forward instead of fast. It's a difficult line to walk! During the clinic she also noticed my legs move around a lot, especially in the canter, and that it annoys him a little. Who can blame the fella. As soon as I put my weight in the stirrups and stretched up he immediately relaxed and moved better. What a difference from a simple change!! Now to sustain such a position..hmm..that's the difficult part for me!

There are some changes coming our way but I'll blog more about it later. Here are some videos of the two tests and some pics!

Weeee!! Me win ribbons!

Learning to ride quiet in the clinic today.

Training Level 1 (Pink ribbon)

Training Level 2 (Blue ribbon! Say what!)