Friday, January 16, 2015

I CAN do it.

During one of my conversations with another trainer at the barn (I usually take her cross-training/jumping lessons) she mentioned that most horses will jump with confidence, it's mainly all in the rider's mind whether they feel they can make it or not.

I remember a few weeks ago, before the freezing spell, there were some plastic jump containers set up in an A-shape in the big arena. On the ground they looked tiny so I thought it would be no problem getting Max over them. However as soon as I hopped on Max , the jump looked huge...

I decided to go for it anyway...went over twice, came out of my tack twice. I would get nervous before the jump, slow Max down and he would have no choice but to pop up and over.

After the second time I told myself..nah..these are still too high for me..although obviously Max can handle it. I basically convinced myself I wasn't ready going that 'high' and that I needed more confidence before trying them again.

Today I was looking through some old pictures and came across these...(Please ignore the terrible rider position)


New year's resolution - get out of my chicken suit and go out there and have some fun over jumps with my jump-loving pony!


  1. yes! you CAN do it!!! that's exactly how i felt starting to jump with isabel - complete with holding to the base of the jump and getting popped out of the tack... it's tricky bc it IS a mind game - one i deal with every ride, pretty much... but repetition helps. good luck!! :)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! You always look so confident in your videos. Hopefully he'll be in good shape in spring so we can practice more !

  2. It's easy to get nervous, but I try to tell myself that 3" - 6" isn't that much difference for a horse.

    1. Thanks for the tip.. that's a good thing to remember and I need to remember that he's had quite a bit of experience showing hunter so he knows what to do. I have to trust him more!