Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things are looking up, kinda.

Well things have been interesting these past few days in my little horse world.

Let's start with the good news, because in a sense it affects the bad news.

First of all The the most Amazing dentist came and worked on his teeth. I love this dentist..he was so gentle with Max, easy to talk to and did a great job. He found numerous sharp points in his mouth that were causing discomfort and removed them.

Okay...the bad news...I had a lesson scheduled with my lovely trainer on Sunday, but as soon as I hopped on Max he displayed a limp in his right front. Ugh..I know :(  So I slid my sorry butt off, armored his feet with cavallo boots and pads and pastern wraps and put him back in his paddock with lots of treats.

However within the past few days he seemed to get better! I'd start by walking him around, and last night when I lunged him I couldn't see any gimpy-ness.

So I hopped on for a short and easy ride and guess what? He seemed so much happier. Yes he did a few head tosses but after a few transitions he was super sensitive to my go aids and I could feel his back lift..and the tossing went away! I also didn't detect any limp! On top of that, he didn't display any flat ears, like he has our last few rides. I really think the teeth were causing him discomfort.

Another piece of good-ish news. A new farrier is coming in tomorrow to work on his feet. I don't want to get into details but I was not thrilled with the last farrier so this is a relief to me. I hope this new guy will help Max a little more, and be easier to communicate with. J is going to jog Max around to see if he still needs hoof-testers. We shall see..

So...saddle fitting- check, teeth- check, and hopefully feet will get a check soon, in hopes that Max will feel comfy so our rides can be more pleasant for him, and thus for me.

Fingers crossed---I'm just going to glue them there so they stay crossed permanently!


  1. sounds promising!! and sounds like you're doing all the proper due diligence (and what better time than gross and icky winter?), so hopefully you'll soon have a horse who is happy in his mouth, on his feet, and with you in the tack!!

    1. Haha yes! That's the plan! And you're right, it's better to get all the kinks worked out before the nice weather!

  2. Sounds like you're on the right track!