Thursday, February 5, 2015

It's been a while!

Boy oh boy have I been MIA from blogging. I feel terrible because I'm supposed to stick to this and keep record of my riding.

Speaking of riding..haven't been able to do much between winter storms and Max's ouchy feet.

So far though, he has been doing pretty good. The new farrier came and put new shoes and pads on, and also suggested I put boots on his hind feet during our rides since they look very short and could be causing some discomfort.

My trainer hopped on him and sent me a note saying he was feeling much better, but was quite test-y at the corners. She suggested I keep him forward to help with the spooking.

I'm so excited because this Saturday I'm going to have my first lesson in...oh..I don't know...a while!! It will be a group lesson with a friend, but nonetheless it will be nice to get J's eyes on my riding again. As soon as the warm weather comes along I'll have to cough up more dough for more lessons.

I'll definitely be blogging about my lesson...but in the mean time here are pictures of Max in his new heavy weight blanket! Single digit temps, bring it on!!


  1. glad Max's feet are making progress!!! good luck with your lesson and getting more riding time!!

    1. Thanks Emma! You are always so kind to drop in and comment! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

  2. Max looks quite toasty in his fancy SmartPak blankie :)