Sunday, March 8, 2015

Keeping up with the forward.

Yay! It's a balmy forty degrees plus today! And the clocks change! The birds are singing, children are outside playing and laughing, horses manes are being's just glorious!

Now that Max is back in work mode, our homework has been to keep up with the forward. I still start my rides out with a quick lunge to help him work out any stiffness.

Yesterday we had a blast galloping around the arena and cantering over poles. We even jumped one! He definitely seems happier to go fast. So looking forward to seeing how he does in a hunter pace!

Today I had a lesson with J and it was another fabulous ride. She noted that my left elbow moves forward too much when asking for a canter to the right and if I hold it steady I'd see an improvement in our canter depart. And true enough he went straight into a canter without any rushy steps. Oh and did I mention the snow and ice came crashing down like train wrecks, left right and center? Max didn't even flinch at the very end when another horse spooked. He took a few trot steps forward but came back. Such a good boy!

Looking forward to another warm week ahead!


  1. aw i love his braid!! sounds like lots of fun lessons - and that's exciting about doing a hunter pace, i've always wanted to try one!

    1. I bet you guys will do great at it! Do you think you'll try one this year?