Tuesday, March 10, 2015

From snow to rain.

What could be worse than snow? Melting snow, and rain! At least it was warm enough for me to only wear three layers tonight as opposed to my usual five!

Max was an angel tonight. The pitter-pattering of rain on the arena roof didn't seem to phase him. We started with a short lunge in side reigns which he was super at. After that I hopped on and went straight into trot canter transitions. He had some hesitation moving forward going right so I really had to encourage him with my seat. Whew it was quite a workout. We were both sweaty by the end of the ride!

Part of the arena was flooded so I took it as an opportunity to see how he'd do with big puddles of water. He was hesitant at first, dipping his nose into the puddle and blowing. (Soooo cute). When he was convinced it wasn't going to suck him up he plodded through like a champ. It got his Cavallos all muddy though ! >.< pics tonight. Everything was just so muddy and icky I couldn't do that to my fairly new phone.

Also, Max had rolled in a disgusting mix of poo and pee and I gave him a big hug without realizing it. Even after a vigorous scrubbing in the shower I still smell faintly of horse urine. My poor poor husband!


  1. Miles is totally cool with puddles in the arena. Outside the arena, not so much

  2. aww sounds like a cute hug gone very wrong!! lol... this mud is kinda a bummer - but really for me it just means spring and i can never be sad about that :)