Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Trail Ride!

With the weather improving day by day, and hunter paces looming in the future, I decided it was a good time to invest in a helmet camera.

There was not much room in the budget for a GoPro, so I settled for a knock-off I found on amazon. It was a third of the price, had pretty good reviews, came with it's own water-proof casing, remote control and GoPro compatible mounts so I figured why not! I'll be writing a review on it once I've had a chance to use it a few more times.

I headed out to a local trail with a fellow barn-mate (who had a trailer), and I was so excited to capture some neat video. Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of not hitting the record button ..gah!

The only thing the helmet cam captured was a picture I took after the ride, sigh.

No matter, the trail ride went very well considering it was their first time out in a while. Max was all uppity and hot and raring to go. He gave a few happy bucks when we cantered up a hill and I nearly slid off! Naughty boy!

After that we decided the horses were getting a little too excited so we took it at a walk the whole trail. Fine by me because I had to trot Max anyway to catch up. He's got such a hokey walk! The first few times I asked for trot he'd give a small buck but after he settled in it was quite pleasant.

Again I wish I had recorded the damn ride because we explored a new trail which had our horses half jump over a rocky ledge and climb up and down a super steep hill. But ahwell..what can you least the memories are there!

Happy ride deserves happy grazing!

Today though I made SURE I hit record so at least I got some neat video of an arena ride, and a walk through the home-trails.

He's been such an angel under saddle lately. On the aids, forward, willing. It's been a pleasurable ride each time. Looks like spring is blowing away the winter blues for the both of us!

He'll be turned out on grass next month so I'm slowly introducing him to it by hand-grazing him by the field. He's going to be so happy to have all that space to run around in!

<3 <3 <3


  1. yay i LOVE helmet cam footage! glad Max is doing well too - sounds like you've got some exciting things happening soon :)

    1. Yeah! I'm looking forward to using it at the hunter pace! Will be sharing the footage here (if i don't goof up and not hit the record button again!!)

  2. It's SO NICE to get out and about. Miles and I have been feeling the same way