Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I can't believe it..

We have our house back! On February 16th we had a huge water pipe break and gush water all over our office. It has taken almost two months to get it all sorted out and today we finally had the room patched up and painted AND we moved all the furniture back in!

It feels so good to sit down on my computer again to blog. It's so infuriatingly slow and buggy to blog on my mobile device so I put blogging away till I could have access to a working keyboard again. Woohoo!!

There's quite a bit to talk about this handsome guy, so I'll get to it!

After I put Max back in a regular training program with my trainer, he seemed to settle down. I'd make sure to lunge him in side reigns before I ride to get all the kinks out. He still continued to feel a little reluctant here and there, but I assumed it was just the horribly cold and long winter days. It was really irritating everyone!

About a week or so ago he started to have an on/off wandering lameness. My trainer immediately requested we pull a Lyme Titus test.

True enough, Max has chronic Lyme :( The vet says he's had it for a while too, which makes me feel awful about how I've been pushing him. It could explain the behavioral changes in him (bucking, scooting forward, reluctance to move forward).

Listen to me dammit I'm ouchy!!

He's now on a month's supply of apple-flavored doxy, with Probios for added tummy comfort. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon and make him feel comfortable again.

Next month I'll be starting him on grass turn-out. I'm very excited to have him out in a field. He's gotten a bit thin so I'm a little concerned about his weight. The b.o. added more grain to his meals and an extra flake at lunch. Hopefully that and some juicy grass will help fill him out! I am also starting him on SmartGut and SmartDigest to help his tummy and hindgut, so we'll see what happens.

Today I took the day off to meet up with the saddle fitter and hang out with Max. She was happy with the fit and only had to remove some small lumps on the left side, so that was great. After she tweaked his saddle, I hopped on and tack-walked around. He was so good, as usual. He's been a bit spooky in the indoor lately but today he tried his best to stay in work mode and we did some serpentines, loops, halt transitions, and leg-yields with no drama.

Hopefully more to report soon! Fingers crossed the Doxy kicks in soon!


  1. At least now you've got some answers and a plan to move forward with

  2. yay for having your house back!! boo to the lyme diagnosis tho... doxy worked WONDERS for my mare after she was diagnosed - so hopefully Max will be feeling 100% better all around in short order. good luck and keep us posted!

    1. That's great to hear! I hope Max will have the same positive results!!

    2. i hope so too!! it's a pretty intense drug, and we upped Isabel's grain while she was on it and didn't ride her for a few weeks to limit stress to her system... but it worked! slowly but surely her levels dropped (and might actually still be dropping now, a couple years later)

    3. That's fantastic ! I have much hope now. I was told to continue to exercise him, depending on how he feels. So far only light stuff, although yesterday he was a hot potato raring to go!