Saturday, June 20, 2015

Obstacle course outing.

Today we headed out with my horsey friend A and her horse Reo to a nearby barn for an obstacle course lesson.This barn had a few amazing courses set up, and came with a super calm and soft-spoken trainer (also the owner of the barn).

Despite being a bit spooky in the morning, and despite the chilly rain, Max did very well. He was kind of look-y and tense at first but with L's quiet instruction and demeanor, we quickly relaxed and enjoyed all the obstacles.

Here are lots n lots of pics!

Tacking up at the trailer.

The more advanced course.

Working on relaxation.

A bridge framed with rainbow pinwheels and scary flapping flags!

Max has intrigued with this metal bull.

Hand-walking through a ditch.

Can he step any higher!

Moving a spear from one cone to another.

A pole gate.

A rope gate.

Max:  Scary tentacles? I got this!

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  1. this looks like so much fun!! what a good boy Max - and lol @ that 'high step' haha