Sunday, June 14, 2015

One year has past.

It's been roughly one year since I brought that cute chestnut with white speckles on his belly home as a first-time horse owner. He has taught me so much... about horses, about riding, and about myself.

Kind eyes from a kind soul. 

He's taught me about caring for a horse. He taught me about his hooves and how important they are to him. They were in such bad shape but are looking great now.

I learned how to do a wicked wrap!

He taught me patience and perseverance, discipline and strength of spirit. He taught me to plan ahead, but also to roll with the punches. He taught me to seize today instead of dreaming about tomorrow.

He taught me how to be girly and learn to braid, and to tuck in my shirts!

He taught me to fly. He taught me to fall.

He taught me to be confident and trust in myself.

I love you Max - thank you for coming into my life!

And for those of you who bypassed all the soppy stuff above, here is a soppy video for you :) :)


  1. congratulations on one year together! love the video (esp all that footage from the trails / hunter pace, and the lip scritches!)!!! here's to many more happy years :D