Sunday, November 8, 2015

Enjoying every moment.

We have been incredibly lucky with the nice weather out east. Who knows when it will change so I'm determined to spend as much horse time outdoors as possible before the bad weather hits.

Saturday we headed up to the outdoor jumping ring. Max was jumpy at first but after some warm up he started to focus a little more. I've noticed he really needs that from me..a lot of clear, focused instruction. As soon as I let him take over during a more nervous situation he will work himself into a tizzy! It's also very important that after I work his mind in a firmer manner that I give him some moments to relax and give his brain a break. 

We even went over a few cross rails! He got really excited and seemed so happy! There was a lesson going on in the arena..a large beautiful gray going over jumps taller than Max. It was a pleasure to watch and I'm proud to say Max stayed calm despite the high energy around him.

The barn's cross country field which Max still refuses to go in..we are working on it!

Today the lovely barn manager and her trusty horse took a chunk of her morning out to take us around the barn and to a couple of different trails. We didn't do the full loops but I now know how to get to them. There were some areas where Max refused to go, but we worked through it and it all turned out ok. He did marvelous considering how much he had to take in, including a cow and a big ol bellowing bull!

After we got back we hopped in the indoor for a bit and did some canter and trot work. Then it was some relaxing grass time, and a couple of rolls and hay in his paddock (which is huge by the way!)

Only at the halfway point!

The sweetest barn cat ever keeping us company.

Our ribbon for the costume contest!


  1. oh man, that farm is SO pretty!!! glad you like it so much already :) Max looks quite content in that paddock too

  2. Hi Emma! I've missed you! I've been following your posts but apologize for not dropping comments. It's a really nice barn, I'm so glad we decided to try it out!