Friday, November 13, 2015

Trotting leg yield.

Well I was going to do a full post on my ride last night but I'm quite saddened by the tragedy in Paris so I'll keep it short.

I snuck out of work early to get to the barn on time to audit a jumping lesson. Max and I sauntered over to the indoor (with some resistance on his end - which we worked through) and sat in the middle to watch.

I really liked what I saw, and the instructor was very quiet and gentle which is a positive thing for me.

After they were done I set up a lesson with her for next week. She watched me ride Max a little bit and then asked if I had a non-dressage saddle.

Well clearly..I didn't. What crazy person has more than one saddle? Everyone knows a horsey gal only really needs ONE. Why would she ask me such a silly question!!

Jokes aside, I reluctantly told her that my quest for a second saddle is still on-going and that I currently only have the dressage one.

She was very nice about it though and even offered one of her older saddles for me to use. She did mention it's one of those really old, flatter style ones we'll see if I can even use it without sliding off!

Anyway our actual training ride consisted mainly of lots of transitions, and trotting a leg yield down the long side, cantering the short and repeating the next long side. Max was very very good and worked hard for me, and for that I am thankful.

Looking forward to some quality time with Max this weekend!

Looking like a giant here...

Our first rides at the new barn.

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  1. max looks great - and your new barn is so pretty!! (i'm super jealous about that indoor lol). and does this mean you're going shopping for a new jump saddle?!? exciting!