Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Feet update.

For the one...or two..of you who have followed my blog from the start, you would know that Max had some problems with his feet earlier on.

It's been about a year plus since then and I thought I'd do a quick update on how they are doing.

First things first, a lot has changed since then. We changed his turn-out situation from a mud-filled paddock to a dry-er sandier one. I change farriers to a much nicer, more competent one. He was put on Smarthoof Ultra, and had Durasole and Keratex gel applied alternately through the week.

From This....

And This...




The farrier (who I've kept and brought to the new barn) just re-did his fronts and said his feet had really good healthy growth to them and are in very good shape!

It meant so much to hear that, and to see the results side by side is so satisfying. At this point I am continuing with our maintenance of his feet. So long as we keep it up he will be just fine. Prevention is always better than cure!

Our rides this week have been mainly transitions and patterns. We did a short quadrille session with another rider Monday night which was super fun. I tried out an Antares saddle and to my surprise didn't love it. Max has been pinning his ears at the canter transition to the left, so I'm concerned he may have some soreness somewhere. I'm giving him two days off and will see how he does on Friday.

Another warm weekend ahead (in December to boot!) So looking forward to it!

Christmas lights up at the barn!


  1. that's wonderful news! i don't really know much about feet (and blessedly have very little experience dealing with the types of issues Max has faced) - but it looks even to me like the new growth is totally different from what was there before. you must be thrilled!

    1. THanks Emma! Yes I sure am!! Now all I have to do is keep it up and he should be A ok!