Thursday, December 3, 2015

Getting into position.

All this time I thought I could jump in my dressage saddle...and true enough I could, and still can. However, after tonight I am seriously doubting I can do it correctly..

I decided to squeeze in a lesson with S after work today. Max was fantastic during warm-up and we soon moved on to canter poles in a circle. We struggled a bit there, especially going right. S pointed out I was sometimes too busy looking at the current obstacle, when I should be looking to the next!

After the canter circles she set up a small course for us. She had us trot across the diagonal over a skinny cross-rail, transition into a canter, canter over the three poles and then transition to trot before going over a bigger cross rail.

She noticed that I got left behind during Max's jumps and when she corrected my position I found I moved with him much better, and not only that, I felt more secure!!

I also noticed that my dressage saddle was making it quite challenging for me to get into that position!

One of the other riders was so sweet and offered me her saddle to try the next time I have a lesson. Since her horse is shaped similarly to Max I happily and gratefully accepted.

Can't wait for the next session!!


  1. ooh exciting to get to borrow a saddle! when i jump, the angles of my knees and hips need to be much more closed to help me keep my leg on and stay with the horse - and this puts my knee much farther forward than most dressage saddle flaps allow. hopefully you'll see a big difference with a different saddle!

    1. Yeah that's totally true! I am just realizing it now lol. I hope to see a difference too...and I guess it's time to shop for a second saddle 0.0