Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another Barn Hop!

Today's weather was amazing - 55 degrees, sunny and dry!

So of course we had to go riding..and what better way to maximize horse time than to do a barn hop!

We started off at A's barn. She rode her lovely paint Reo, and I hopped on the barn owner's gorgeous golden Tennessee walker named Dreams.

We played a bunch of games in the arena, from moving cones around on top of barrels, to barrel racing and weaving. Then we headed out to the trails for some fun bush-whacking, and romped around a huge field.

Oh a funny story...While dismounting I actually managed to get all (and I mean ALL) of my clothes hooked on the pommel of the saddle - I'm such a western saddle noob!Anyway..poor A had to try lift my fat butt up so I could unhook myself. It was embarrassing to say the least but we were laughing to hard while I was 'hanging' out on the saddle like a piece of laundry left to dry. LOL!

After a delicious stop at Arby's, we drove over to my barn to have some fun with Max. It's a good thing I decided to lunge him because he was leaping four feet into the air and bucking while lunging! 

He settled down after that fiasco and was very well behaved under saddle. We rode around for a bit then did some trot poles and a small baby 'jump'. Gotta love these warm spring-like winter days! Had such a blast!


  1. sounds like a seriously fun day - with perfect weather to boot!!! and that pic of Max on the lunge is pretty adorable lol :)

    1. I'm just glad I wasn't on his back during those frisky moments! Lol!