Saturday, December 13, 2014


I realized I've been reacting to this whole situation the wrong way.
Yes it sucks Max hurt his foot.  Yes it's scary to think it might be worse than a stone bruise. And yes it's so easy to think... why Max.. why me?
When In reality what I've gained this week is bonding time with my horse without the demands of under saddle work.
I've also learned to poultice and wrap like a boss hehe.
And even Max knows the drill now and will stand patiently for me to fix his foot up.  Sometimes he'll even lift and hold it up for me.  What a trooper!
Oh. .I purchased a pair of Cavallo trek boots for him. Tried them on today and fit but a touch snug. Of course I forgot to take pictures. .. ah well.. tomorrow !


  1. good perspective! non saddle pony time is still pony time!!

  2. It sure is! And thank you for continuing to leave supportive comments despite my absence. I'll try to catch up on all your posts and be a better blogger friend!