Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mystery solved..kinda.

The BO texted me last night and we made the decision to have the vet come see Max this morning.

I arrived super early and walked around like a frozen popsicle, fussing on Max, sweeping, organizing the lead ropes..geez...I was so nervous!

She finally arrived, removed his left shoe and did some hoof testing on him. It looks like he has a bruise in his left foot, that she says could also possibly be an abscess. So he is now on a poultice wrap and stall rest for a couple of days till she heads out again for a check-in.

The good news is nothing else on his hoof hurts so it probably isn't founder. *WHEW* never know. We will just have to see in a couple of days.

Somehow, some way, Max always finds a way to remove his shoes. Perhaps he is telling me something!

I'm ouchy, go away..

Bruised foot all wrapped up.

That camera looks delishus


  1. Ugh, I literally just went through this wth Miles. Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick and easy recovery!!

    1. Thank you Tracy..I'm hopeful too! Sorry to hear about long did it take for him to make a full recovery?

  2. what a relief that it doesn't appear to be founder... hopefully his foot feels better soon!