Saturday, May 9, 2015

DIY: Bling it on.

A few weeks back there was a lady who boarded her gorgeous Lusitano mare for a month at the barn. She had the most gorgeous brow-band for her bridle and I was so inspired to make one, since buying one was pretty ridiculous price-wise ($150 and up for a brow band!!!).

So after some shopping on ebay and amazon, I found a nice v-shaped brow-band and some pretty crystals and brooch. The actual shopping for items took a few weeks, but putting it all together took me one afternoon.

Here it is! Max's first bling-y brow band!

And on the model himself:

I rode in it Thursday night and it held on pretty well. However after I took some pictures today, he did one huge head shake and off fell the brooch. Seeing how it's kind of large and dangly anyway I decided to take it off and just make it a plain ol sparkly brow band. Please excuse the wrinkly table-cloth!

Still pretty!

Today we did some small jumps to get him back into things. He really loved hopping over them and running around. Then we hit the trails where he freaked out a bit, spun around and starting running back to the barn. Well I wasn't having that so we did some (very small) circles and then we marched right back to the trails and completed it. He can be such a cheeky devil sometimes!

Oh, and before I end this post, here are obligatory ribbon pictures, and a few of his pompadour resulting from his careless owner forgetting to undo his forelock braid for two days!


  1. omg he look so FANCY in that blingy browband!! and all that satin is lovely too - congrats :D

    1. Haha thank you! The brooch seemed a little over the top so I'm kind of glad he shook it off. I may keep it for special occasions though (Like a fully decked out renaissance costume!!)

  2. Super job with the browband! And congrats on the ribbon!

  3. Bling makes every horse look SUPA FLY