Saturday, May 16, 2015

Our First Hunter Pace!

And we survived it!! Woohoo!!

It was a wonderful experience, and an absolutely gorgeous ride through the  Fairfield County countryside.

I also discovered something new about Max - He is terrified of water crossings! The first stream we came across that had running water in it nearly blew his mind. He spun and tried to run away and he was shaking like a leaf!

After that he decided he was going to jump out of every single water crossing. The first one he lept up so high he bashed me in the face with his neck. And the very last one he pretty much jumped straight out of a four foot ditch instead of walking out of it like every other sane horse. One of the ladies we were riding with turned around and asked if he had some Arabian in him because he was hot hot hot!

Anyway, that last one de-seated me and I slowly slid off and landed on one leg. I was mostly embarrassed, but I know I'll be feeling that one tomorrow morning.

All in all, a great learning experience...and with one under our belt whose to say there won't be another coming soon!

Here are pictures and a video for your enjoyment ^.^

Scary monster below, me jump high!


  1. what a fun day! i really want to try a hunter pace too!! poor Max with all that water tho (and what a bummer that you came off!) - water really seems to rattle some of them and i'm not sure why haha. my mare powers through streams and stuff at home all the time but loses her little darling mind at the ponds on cross country courses haha

    1. I think you and Izzy will do fantastic in a hunter pace! It's like x-country (if you do the jumps) and endurance riding all in one. Yeah who knows what monsters they imagine lie within the depths of one inch deep water... Wish we were closer, would love to ride with you and Isabel!

  2. Oh man, this is like my worst trail riding fear. I know Miles would be afraid of water (he won't even walk through mud!). Good for you for working through it though and it sounds like you had fun!

    1. I hear's tough when they are's such a tough emotion to overcome. Ahwell..this just means we'll have to do a lot more paces ^.^