Friday, May 22, 2015

No drama, no problem!

This week passed pretty uneventfully in all aspects of life, including the horsey life.

Max was a doll on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We mainly worked on pole-work and he willingly and (hopefully) happily picked up his feet nicely over them. We've also been practicing switching leads. Something I haven't learned how to do yet, but since he does them automatically I have been changing directions at the canter to see how it feels. Sometimes I don't even know it's happened..other times he doesn't switch at all and goes around at a counter-canter. I've spoken to my trainer about learning the cues for it so hopefully we'll cover it the next lesson.

This was also the first week he was let out in the big field. Thankfully he behaved very nicely and was not difficult to catch. Whew!

Short post today, nothing much to report. We'll be taking a quadrille lesson tomorrow, and I'll be going to hang out with my friend's lovely paint horse while she's away on vacation. It's going to be a fun weekend! Happy Memorial Day!


  1. ooh the quadrille lesson sounds fun! glad Max is doing well :)

    1. Thank you! He is, he lost a lot of weight so we are working on putting some weight on him. Hopefully there'll be results in a few weeks. The quadrille was a ton of fun, so much so I forgot to take pictures! :o !