Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hoof updates

The farrier is injured and unable to head over to put the shoe back on Max till Thursday. This means the poor guy is cooped up in his stall for four days. :( I headed over tonight and hand-walked him around the arena so he could at least stretch his legs and move around, after wrapping his foot up in a diaper and vet tape of course.

He was definitely sore. I felt so bad. He got lots and lots of hugs and kisses and treats but it still didn't help relieve the guilt I felt. His feet were doing so well..and now I may have messed them up again. When I applied keratex I noticed there were a couple of red-ish spots on his sole that looked like bruises. It didn't look pretty. I sure hope it's something that will go away once his shoe gets put back on.

The vet took a look at him yesterday and said he has to go through at least two cycles of shoeing without losing a shoe before we consider barefoot. I guess we'll revisit this in spring. His previous owner had him barefoot for a while and mentioned he never minded hoof boots. So looks like this could be a great option for him in the future!


  1. poor Max! hopefully there won't be any more delays in getting the shoe on and getting him sound again!

    1. Yeah..poor ol guy…I hope against hope that he'll feel less discomfort once his shoe is back on. Been having a dismal thank you for your kind comments they truly help!

  2. Replies
    1. :( for sure. Although on the bright side the vet did say his feet are looking better than when she last saw him. When the bo texted me that I had happy tears at my desk at work..then I remembered his foot may have gotten messed up again and then it was sad tears. Is this why Horses and Hysterics both start with H?