Sunday, November 2, 2014

A stormy weekend.

A quick recap of Thursday's ride. After our amazing ride on Tuesday, I was in high hopes to recreate it on Thursday. It didn't go quite as smoothly however, which is okay. He was a bit stiff going to the right and we encountered some head tossing, especially in that direction. Even when I tried to put my foot down, he resisted. I knew at that point he was frustrated, so I eased up and gave him more warm-up time.

After he warmed up he was much better, and we worked on some circles through cones on the ground. At some point he felt soft and I could maneuver him nicely through the cones, even at canter. We ended our ride with some walks through the cones using only my seat and leg aids. It's pretty neat how responsive he is to those once he's all loosey-goosey.

I'm not a goose...I'm a hoss..

Saturday was rainy and pretty miserable. The indoor was packed with riders trying to get some riding in out of the rain. Despite the busy-ness, cold, and wet, Max did quite well. Same stiffness to the right like Thursday night so I need to keep an eye out for that.

On to today's ride. It was sunnier and drier...but boy was it windy. Actually that's too tame a word...more like bellow-y! When I got to the barn my wonderful trainer told me to lunge Max before hopping on because the indoor was super loud and scary. She wasn't kidding..luckily though he seemed quite relaxed and stayed with me very nicely on the lunge line. I hopped on and he was very good there too.

SO we were riding along..he was relaxed despite the noise. Then suddenly his neck came up, his ears pointed to the heavens, he ducked, did a half spin and jumped to the right. Holy moly..whaddya know...there was a terrifying patch of sunlight on the ground, ready to pounce! *rolls eyes* We worked through it and when he realized it was just sunlight, he went back to not freaking out. That horse! LOL!

The BO was so super nice and helped me hang up his new jolly ball stall snack! I hope it will help keep him entertained on the rainy cooped-up days!!

Treats? For me?

Nope...never mind.


  1. that wind yesterday was INTENSE!! glad you had a good ride despite it!

    1. You must be an east-coaster! It sure was!