Sunday, November 30, 2014

Training: Spiraling to canter homework.

Today was warmer but definitely muddier! Still lovely though and the hubby came along to help take some video. So super nice of him.

Max was rockin today. Super quiet at the cross-ties. No drama in the indoor. Pretty much just did what he was fuss no muss. Love these kind of days ^.^

We pretty much practiced what we worked on with J yesterday. The spiraling is working great in our canter departs. Keeping this post short today as I'm pretty dead tired. Instead enjoy the pictures and video below!



  1. Max has such a lovely canter (and i can never get over his cute speckled belly lol)! everyone in that video does a nice job of navigating the small, crowded arena too - definitely a plus!

    1. Aw thanks! Yeah that belly is the cutest...and so fuzzy right now! All the folks there are nice and considerate. It really shows it's benefit when there are a bunch of horses in there at the same time!