Friday, November 28, 2014

Max is back!

Max is back in work! Our ride on Tuesday night was okay. He was sleepy and a little stiff so it took a little more warm-up before he was ready to go. We did a lot of the usual stuff - circles, serpentines, one-loops, leg yields.

Back to work..woopee doo.

Thanksgiving Thursday I decided to head on over there for a short ride. I was curious to see how my car would manage through the leftover northeaster snow we had from the day before. Thankfully she did my prius!

Max was a good boy on Thursday. Definitely more forward because of the extra nip in the air. The indoor arena had snow crashing off of it and besides a dead stop and a couple of jumps Max did great!

Today I was over there again (LOVE these long weekends!) and we had another fun ride. The arena was super packed today so it was a lot of focusing on my horse, and focusing on not crashing into someone else! On top of that more snow/ice was crashing off the roof. Max was a champ with that!

I am noticing though that he is especially stiff going to the right and is having a tougher time flexing and bending right. Our canter departs going right are starting to unravel too, and I find myself having to ask very strongly for a right lead canter, or I wouldn't be getting anything but a rushed trot!

Looking forward to my lesson tomorrow to see if J can find a solution for us there. Updates to come!


  1. yay so glad he's sound and back in work!!! you must be so relieved :) hope tomorrow's lesson goes well!