Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Training: Keeping the outside reign.

Goal: keep firm contact in the outside reign.

Max was sleepy tonight...soft eyes, droopy lip and all. Poor guy didn't know he'd be getting quite a workout.

I feel like we hit our goal tonight and then some. He did try test me when I asked for more contact but when he realized I wasn't giving in he would roll his back up and get to work. We both ended up getting a great workout in the canter.

It was a big moment for me when suddenly all the weight lifted from his forehand and shifted to his hind. It almost felt like he was sitting down while we could start running upwards into the sky. It was only for a few strides, but it was enough for me to feel how light he could get.

All our hard work getting him to move off his forehand is starting to show results! His hind end is slowly gaining strength. Hopefully by next spring he'll be light and fluffy and ready for some shows!