Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beautiful fall day and an easy-going pony.

The weather was perfect today! I decided to do a little trot pole work with Max which went pretty well. I may have spaced them out a bit too close together because he kept hopping over them! Oops!

He was a doll at the cross-ties..a little step here and there but calm for the most part. I managed to clean him up nice and shiny and tack him up with no drama. 

We did the usual exercises in the ring, with a few more added serpentines because he got a little envious when the other riders headed into the forest to cool off. So after our lovely session, I decided to spoil him a little and take a slow mosey walk through the woods. He loved looking at all the colors (well okay..I did..) and sniffing the freshly fallen leaves on the ground.

Looky here! Looky there! ohboy ohboy!

Let's another red..

After our ride I hung out by the arena to listen in on a lesson given by the BO, while Max happily munched on grass by me. She has such good subtle feedback and it is fascinating to see results from her instruction. The rider is a friend of mine and she was riding one of the BO's fine friesians.

Time to get tucked away in his new paddock..which I am much happier with because it is sandy and doesn't get muddy. He loved his flake of hay so much he didn't even want to come over for treats!! 


  1. this really is the best season for trail rides :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! Except for sugar snap peas and celery...those get spat out! :)