Thursday, October 2, 2014

Biting my nails...

I was quite nervous driving to the barn tonight. Max had three days off because he was a little sensitive due to walking around barefoot for a day and a half after throwing his shoe out on the trails.

There were basically two outcomes I pictured: Worse and Worst! I tend to get a leeeettttlleee over-dramatic about things when it's just my brain talking to me!

I'm a bad hoof and I'm going to kill your horse

So you can imagine how ELATED I was that he seemed perfectly fine - both on the lunge-line AND under saddle. In fact, he was soft and forward and seemed to be very happy to be put to work! He must have been bored out of his mind these past few days ..poor fella!'s..go...

Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead. Saturday will be a short day, maybe some tarp work? Really looking forward to Sunday though, when my trainer hops on. I haven't had much of a chance to watch her ride him so it's going to be a treat! are more pics of Max in his new bonnet. Sorry for the blurry pics...I'd get a newer better camera but I'm too busy paying for my horse >.<


  1. oooh that's exciting about the trainer ride - hope it goes well! and i love that blue on Max - nice choice :)