Sunday, August 24, 2014

Buddy Trail Ride

Today we had our first buddy trail ride with a nice lady at the barn and her mare Layla.

We explored the usual trails I take alone with Max, along with a few new ones I didn't even know existed! Hooray! Then we headed out onto the road and did a big loop through the neighborhood.

He did very well for his first time in a lot of new places..besides the few expected spooks- which he gave plenty of warning for- he took me through the forest, on roads with cars passing by, past flags, scary drains and pipes with really no more than a few hairy eyeballs and a couple of skittish moments.

Max and Layla did so well together that Layla's owner kindly offered to trailer us out to a park next weekend! I am ecstatic!! Max will love it and although I'm a little nervous, I'm sure I'll love it too!!

Munch munch munch

Beautiful day, great company and two gorgeous horses. Who could ask for more.

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