Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gorgeous Saturday

Goals: Trot poles and position in half-halts

Today was just amazing! Beautiful weather all around. Max and I LOVED it!

We kept things simple today and worked on warm ups, roundness in transitions and walk/canter transitions. No trot poles because there were some lessons going on and I didn't want to start setting things up. It was nice anyway - short and sweet!

Hopefully I managed to keep up with my position during the half halts and transitions, but there were moments where I didn't check myself so I'm sure things slipped then. I really need to work on checking in on my position a lot more often. I tend to micro manage him too much where most of the issues really lie with ME!

We had some great forward movement today..he was raring to go! Had some trouble rounding out during walk to trot transitions - he'd toss his head up and hollow out OR he'd curl his head in too much - both showing me he's evading the bit. We worked through it eventually but it's definitely something I need to keep an eye on and work on in our next session.

Afterwards we took a peaceful rambling stroll in the woods and trotted over some logs. He really comes alive out there! I Cannot wait to take him to a hunter pace - I think we'll have a blast!

Over that fallen tree or under?

All dressed up!

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