Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free-lunging Max

Tonight we took it easy and spent some time grooming, cuddling and free-lunging. He was being so good so I hopped on him bareback after, trotted around and even did some cantering!

He is starting to feel extra soft and fuzzy and I have a feeling it is the beginning of his winter coat starting to grow out.... *sigh*.... There goes summer.

Our free-lunging session went great! I really didn't know what to expect since we've never tried it before.

I led him to the center of the arena, gave him some good pets and then took everything off so he was completely nekked (save for his boots and bell boots). Don't worry I kept MY clothes on.

Then I left him there to go fetch the lunge whip from the corner of the arena. When I looked back, he was still standing there looking around his behind at me and it was just so darn adorable. That cutie-patootie!

He stayed where I left him till I got back...and then started to move away as soon as he saw the lunge whip. After some fumbling on my part our communication got a little stronger and I could soon change his direction, speed him up, and slow him down to a trot and walk with my voice and energy.

awwllll nekked


After a few rounds I bridled him up and hopped on him bareback. We practiced some shallow loops, 10 meter circles and leg-yields. He was super soft and responsive and didn't even get looky when the crazy neighbors whooped by on their ATVs. They are a classy bunch...

Since he was being so good I thought I'd push my luck and try cantering him down the long side. He has a super comfy canter, even saddled up, so it was no surprise cantering bareback felt like sitting on a marshmallow.

Cool down walk

Can me has grass now?

And yes, he had enough time after to get his grass-munchies on! I've been working on keeping his head up and choosing the place and time he can start feasting. After saying "eat" I drop the lead rope and he can go at it. It took him a few sessions but now he will wait till I give the key word and release before munching on his beloved grass, like the good boy he is! Love my Maximaximax! <3 <3 <3

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  1. Glad you are having fun with Max. Congrats on your first free lunge with him.