Thursday, August 21, 2014

Training: No stirrups

Goals: To complete a whole training session without stirrups  ( ! ! )

What happened:

I got to the barn early tonight and found another boarder there with the barn owner. Apparently her new horse was being delivered !  A beautiful Oldenburg mare named Ginger. Wooo did Max prick his ears up when he saw her...he would have done a wolf howl but he settled for eating his apple AND the bag it was in.

Yes, Max ate a plastic bag :( One of those thin ones that you bag your fruits and veggies in. When I caught him he was already chewing and I tried to tear it out of his mouth but it was so flimsy it ripped apart. I am really worried and I'm going to call the vet tomorrow. The barn owner says she will keep an eye out for plastic bag in his poop so there's nothing much we can do but hope and wait.

I'm just hoping that he chewed it up into tiny pieces and that it won't tangle up in his belly or intestines like the internet says. The internet really scares me sometimes!

With that worry on my mind, it affected me which affected him so we ended up with an ooookay ride. Worked a lot on transitions. When he's warmed up and forward enough all it takes is a shift in my seat to get him to walk and a little bump to get him to trot, but tonight I was in a bit of a fluster from the bag incident and struggled a little with my position AND communication :( :( boo on me. We did some canter/walk serpentines with the stirrups off and except for a little unsteadiness on my part it went pretty well. Didn't ride the whole session without stirrups though - for several reasons..mentally I was in a bit of a mess, and Max was still woohooing over the new girl in the barn and couldn't keep his eyeballs from her general direction. Yeesh.

The best part though was after our ride he snuggled up to me and I hugged his head and gave him kisses while he kinda took a nap.

Ended on a good note at least - I'm hoping that plastic bag passes soon!! :0(

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