Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Training: Keeping shoulders back!

Goal: keep up good position and keep softness throughout ride.

My goal tonight was mainly focused on my position, especially my slouchy shoulders. Max is a smart cookie and he already knows a lot more than I do. Which means I have a bit of catching up to do! I also wanted to focus on staying in..light seat and reigns but still maintaining good contact throughout the entiiiiiree ride. Hahaha...delusional

A good position is very very hard for me because I'm not exactly what you call super fit, although I'm working on it! I think I achieved it here and there, and when I did he rode like a dream. That's how I can tell! I fell apart more than I held it together so unfortunately I don't think I really reached my true goal tonight which was to keep that feeling throughout..

Maybe it's just too big a step. Next time I'll aim for something smaller.

Other than our semi-moonlight ride, we managed to get a pre-ride cuddle session squeezed in. He was hanging out in his usual corner and shuffled up looking for a treat...of course. It was so peaceful just stroking his neck and telling him what a handsome boy he is (which he adores btw). Maybe Thursday will be a cuddle and compliment session!


  1. If you can pick up a copy of Sally Swift's book Centered Riding, really great book for envisioning and executing correctness and softness through the body.

    1. Thank you for the reference! I'll definitely look it up!