Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Forward thinking, and a neat saddle bag

Goals: Keep round in transitions without over-curling. Keep up rhythm and relaxation.

What happened:

Again with the usual warm up - lots of free walk, 10m circles, shallow loops and leg yielding. I tried to leg yield in a trot towards the fence and it was messy at first but he eventually understood my fumbling and performed marvelously! Such a clever guy.

I really tried to focus on keeping him on the bit tonight and for the most part I think it went pretty well. J told me to give him a forward aid when he starts evading and it is working great!

After some walk/trot/canter transitions we did some canters over a pole. He loves to hop over things - it gets him all excited. I can definitely feel more uphill in his canters now which is fantastic. J told me he did a flying lead change the other day!! So proud of him!

Oh! I purchased an EasyCare Stowaway english cantle bag for future trail rides and paces and had a chance to try it on him. It works great and we rode our entire session tonight with it on. Max didn't even notice it was there...or if he did he didn't give a hoot.

Slips over the top

And velcros around the girth straps

The long summer days are slowly slipping away and twilight creeps up so quickly these days during my after work rides. There are so many "if onlys" on my mind right now but I'm going to put them away and be thankful I have Max and the time to enjoy him. 

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