Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Training: Lesson Day!

Wednesday 08/13/2014

Goals: Keep correct position to prevent blocking and confusing Max

Process: Toes in, heels down, knees and hips open. Shoulders back and NO caterpillar back!!

What happened:

We did a long warm up while waiting for my trainer (let's call her J). It consisted of a free walk several times around the arena in different directions then moved on to circles and loops at a medium walk.

When J arrived we had just finished some trot walk transitions and Max was ready for class!

Tonight J focused on keeping Max at a steady rhythm while leg-yielding at an angle from the fence. He tends to lose his momentum and either slows down to a crawl or sucks back. By fixing my seat she had us move at a better rhythm through this exercise.

She also had me work on clearer and more cemented half halts during transitions, specifically trot canter trot. What a huuuugee difference it made in our transitions! By applying a good half halt we'd move from one gait to the other like butter. It was such an awesome feeling when we got it right!

So that is our homework for the next week till our next lesson. Can't wait till our ride tomorrow so we can start practicing!

I am so happy my smartpak turquoise dressage pad arrived at the barn today! Of course it had to be the day I forgot my camera....but hopefully I can get a few pics in tomorrow.

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