Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blog Hop: Why the heck did you start?

This blog hop was presented by Boots and Saddles. It was so much fun reading everyone's stories on how they started riding (and/or running) I thought I'd participate in the fun as well!

I started riding when I could afford to. Growing up I always knew I loved horses but for the largest part of my childhood I was told there just weren't any around. I found out about twenty years later that my grandpa used to own racehorses and there were horses in my home town (which is an island in the south-east tropics by the way..) forward to a time where I had a steady job, some savings, owned my own home and could finally allow myself to enjoy a small side-hobby. Well this 'small' 'side-hobby' turned out to be an obsession....and now I am back to being broke but with the one exception - I have my horse Max :) :)

I started riding as a fun thing to do on the weekends. It's grown into a life-long passion and way of life. Many of you riders out there will understand when I say there are no words to describe that amazing feeling you get when you and your horse make a it on the ground or under saddle. Or that exhilaration you feel when you run through an open field or leap over a jump...putting your trust fully into each others hands/hooves. Simply Heavenly.

As for running...the only kind of running I do is from my car to Max's paddock ^.^ That's when I started truly running.

Come here hooman and adore me

<3 <3 <3

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