Thursday, September 4, 2014

Equestrian At Hart Blog Hop: Keep It Clean

In Equestrian at Hart's blog hop she posted this query:
"In this weeks blog hop let's talk about what cleaning products you use on your tack and why?"

I am new to owning a horse, and fairly new to riding, so please forgive me if I list some products that you just never want to see again. If you do see a product here that you have had a negative experience with I'd love to hear about it so I can perhaps take precautions or avoid it in the future!

So far though they have all worked great and my leather products are still holding up pretty decently. I clean and oil my leather tack and boots about once every two weeks. Saddle pads I wash every two weeks as well, and I clean grime off his bit and bridle after every ride.
*note: all these photos were taken off the internet as all my stuff is at the barn, and probably too grimy to be photographed..*

Horseman's One Step Spray
This was the very first leather care product I bought. It was recommended to me by the lady at the store. She said she used it personally and it was a quick clean-up and conditioner. I used it on my boots about once a week for a year and it worked well for me. At the time I was using a saddle from the barn and they preferred to use their own products so I never tried it on anything else but my riding boots. 

Leather Therapy Wash
This leather wash spray was recommended to me by a horsey-friend who uses it on her gazillions of leather products. I tried it out on my boots, saddle and bridle and find it to be a decent leather wash. It does leave a bit of a sticky feel after so I always follow up with some leather oil. 

Neatsfoot Oil
I love this product. It soaks into the leather and makes it nice and soft and shiny! All my leather things are dark/black so I'm not sure how it would work on a lighter color leather. It might darken it - proceed with caution!

And the final thing I use is.....old socks as rags. The great thing about having a hubby who constantly has hole-y socks is I get a lot of rags! ^.^


  1. I have never used any of those products, since you are new to owning a horse and riding in general definitely read other people's post as it will give you a wide array and perspective!

  2. Yes I've certainly picked up some neat tips from other blogs! So much fun!