Saturday, September 20, 2014

Training: Keeping my horse focused

Someone told me once "Horses are like men, they can only do one thing at a time"

For Max this certainly holds true. He's not very good at doing two things at once.....well...maybe in some cases..

The only multi-tasking I do is eating and looking good.

Today Max was quite looky and spooky at the woods (again). He kept imagining all the monsters waiting to jump out and eat us. I had to work hard at keeping him focused on the task at hand.

That meant asking him for bend and flexion, transitions, leg yields, circles, serpentines, and never letting him stop and look. And as comical as it felt sometimes  - absolutely NO laughing on my end. (J's orders!)

After we worked things through and kept the focus going, he was wonderful! We ended the ride on a nice relaxing stroll through the scary forest and of course, he had no problems with it at that point. What a silly nilly!

His Keratex hoof hardener arrived today so I started application on his hoofs. I hope it works! *crosses fingers*

I also tried a new saddle pad by Back on Track on him. It's supposed to keep his back warmer and comfier. I'll write a detailed review on it later, but so far I Love it! It has great structure and my most favorite part is how it's curved up at the withers. Perfect fit for Max.

Here are some pics of Max and his 'test feather' in preparation for the halloween hunter pace in October.

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