Sunday, September 21, 2014

Training: Indoor arena prepping

Since today was a bit of a crappy weather day I thought it would be a good idea to start getting Max used to the indoor arena.

The indoor at our barn is a coverall so you can't really look at what's going on outside save at the entryways. This kinda bothered Max. He got pretty tense and had a couple of skipping refusals when we approached the big doorway at the trot.

After a couple more tries with increased flexion and forward aids before the scary zone he snapped out of it. What a frisky fellow he's turning out to be!  <3

The sun started to shine so we took our training outdoors. One of the other trainers (V) had set up some cones in a circle so I took the opportunity to check in on our geometry at the canter. As I figured..we would spiral in oh so slightly. Good to know!

We ended on a good note with canters in both directions, with bend maintained in transitions up and down. We have been very slack on that so it's boot camp for the both of us!

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  1. Indoor or outdoor, I am sure you and Max will have fun riding.