Friday, September 5, 2014

Short ride today...and other events

Today is the first day this week I've hopped on Max. My childhood friend is visiting so I've been showing her the sights and we finally made it up to the barn this morning for a ride. She took a lesson - her first time ever being on a horse! And I hopped on Maxy Max for a quick ride. I missed him terribly!

Munching on some grass after our quick ride around

Today is also the first time I've ever given an IM shot to him. The barn manager supervised me and it all went smoothly (Max didn't even flinch)...but boy was I shaky after....probably with relief! That is one big needle!

I also learned that the farrier has now put him on bar shoes because he has very little heel and is putting too much pressure on it. The front part of his hoof has also rotted out a bit so he had to shave it off. Poor baby. And my poor pocketbook. I'm hoping that Farrier's Formula and Vapco Bearcat will start showing results and that he'll start having healthier hooves soon. *Fingers crossed*

While my friend took her lesson, I hopped on and did some warm-up free walk and some trot and canter in a light seat. He was super sensitive and forward today and all I had to do was think "canter" and he was off!!! It was fabulous! We didn't have much time so I focused on walk/canter transitions and then let him get some gallops out. We ended our session with trots on a long reign. What a good boy he is!!

Handsome boy <3 

A quick cool-down bath, some grass and apples and he was tucked away happy and content. More adventures coming this Sunday!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun time!! Max must have missed you.