Sunday, September 7, 2014

Barn hop: Cross-training fun

A good friend of mine (A) and I would get together every now and then and do a barn hop. The last time she came to my barn first to meet Max, then I went over to her barn after to meet Oreo.

A riding Max and me riding Oreo

A and I work together and became friends via the mutual love for horses. We even bought our horses on the same weekend! We didn't plan it of course - it just kinda worked out that way. And they are both paints!

Her barn-owner is a super nice lady and she let me ride her Tennessee Walker! OMG! What an experience! He was sooooo comfy to butter! Definitely a contender for the hubby's future horse! ^.^

We had a bunch of fun riding around the arena and over poles and jumps A made on her own. They are amazing and look just like the kind you buy off a catalog. She's so talented!

Then we hopped in our cars and after a quick stop at Arby's *yum* we headed over to my barn to take a cross-training/jumping lesson.

Max loves to jump and he is good at it, but I am quite new to it and a bit of a chicken. I felt like I was holding him back quite a bit and he got a little frustrated (cue the head tosses). By the end though I loosened up and allowed him the energy he needed/wanted and we had a great jump. It felt amazing and it helped me feel like it's okay to have him power up, and to trust him to take good care of me.

Trust issues again...definitely have to work on that!

The name sign looks sooo cute and is working out great!

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