Sunday, September 14, 2014

Training: The importance of having a plan - and lessons!

Goal: Longer warm up time and maintain bend throughout.

My trainer's last words to me yesterday were "Have a plan". That's very good advice. I try to have one each time I go but usually it's something general -  more like a goal than a plan.

Today, I had a plan. Here is the breakdown:

  • Lunge Max for 15 minutes - forward walk, trot and canter
  • Free walk for 10 minutes
  • Walk with bend for 10 minutes with ten meter circles and leg yields
  • Trot with bend for 10 minutes in a serpentine - throwing in some halts and 10 meter circles
  • Canter with bend.
  • Keep bend in transitions.
  • Cool down walk in forest.

Um....yeah mean business today...

I have to say the feedback from J, and this plan worked really well today! Max was responsive and with me the whole time. No spooking or evasions. He worked really hard for me and I love him all the more for it!

Ok ok..for you, anything!

It's also good to know how to transition Max from one climate to another. I've now learned he gets sensitive to the cold, so by keeping him cozy and allowing his back some time to warm up really helps. It's a good reminder that he is not a machine and that we need to keep an on-going conversation every time we ride. Every day is different.

Loving the sun on my neck!

I'm also glad that I'm keeping up with lessons because before yesterday's session with J, I was slowly slipping back into some careless riding. Good to have her check in and make sure we are growing together in the right direction!

 Max is looking better and better everyday. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful folks looking after him for me when I can't be there!!

Now that's a healthy looking horse!