Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Training: Keeping weight in my stirrups

I was watching some Randi Thompson training videos and she brought up a problem that I knew I had, but never really focused on in a solo training ride : That I should have weight in my stirrups so I am riding from my lower leg and not my upper body.

I know I have the tendency to wave my upper body around like a worm - my legs start crawling upwards and my toes start pointing's just a mess! Aaaaannnddd....

Gah! Chair seat!

Tonight I really tried to keep my legs steady but I know I did pump them a little bit too much and upper body got a little too involved..again! Ah! At least I know what I need to work on - and as always it's not ever compromising a good position.

On a good note we managed to get some good cross-over fronts and backs in the leg yield (TERRIBLE rider position though! yuck!)

Front cross

Back cross

And a canter lead change! Again compromised position prevented him from continuing his canter from this point. Grr!


We ended the ride on some bareback walk trot and canter ^.^ He's so warm and fuzzy!

Love this quote!

"Our horses are our friends, companions, partners, teammates and soul mates. They give us so much, so willingly—their strength, their stamina, agility and beauty—to give us the chance to vicariously experience the freedom and power that comes so naturally to them."

—Jessie Shiers


  1. aww you guys look great! and i have similar problems with my legs - can't seem to keep them where i want them.. so many moving parts to nail down!

    1. Thanks Emma! That's real nice of you to say! Yeah riding a horse is the epitome of multi-tasking.Those stirrups you posted about sound fantastic - looking forward to seeing how they work out for ya!

  2. Definitely alot to think about and concentrate on! You and Max look good though! All your hard work will pay off, remember to have fun...I know you always do!