Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training: Collecting our canter to the left

Goal: Getting good bend and collection to the left

Tonight's weather turned out decent so we did a full training ride.

After a good warm up, we went right to work. Lots of circles, serpentines, transitions, leg yielding. He did very well with the leg yields! We were forward and I didn't need to apply too much leg this time. Yay!

My trainer mentioned that he may have been getting over soreness from our cross training on Sunday so I didn't want to push him too hard. Our canter to the left still had some resistance but with a little pushing he went into frame for a few strides so I ended there.

Also, I brought his bit and nose band down a notch and that seemed to help with 50% of the head tossing.

I tried to run through a dressage test with him but when we got to the halt at X he was all wiggly and jiggy! Definitely something we need to work on!

Fun weekend of lessons and trails ahead!